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A Parent’s Guide to University: Student Finance and Support

University is a complicated world for parents as well as students. That’s why we’ve taken the two most important pillars for parents regarding their child and university, and put them into the spotlight. This comprehensive guide will equip parents with all there is to know about Student Finance and Student Support Services. Accessing this information is one of the best ways to support your student from getting a place at university, to getting a degree.


The MyTutor Guide to University

Whether you're dead set on uni, or tossing up whether it's the right path for you or not, this ebook can help you work out your next steps. Find expert info on picking courses and unis, advice from current students and grads, as well detailed guides on the UCAS timeline and how to make a cracking application.


The World of Work: How to Help your Teen Plan their Future

As a parent, you want to help your teen find the best career path for them. But when the world of work looks so (very) different to how it did when you were starting out, it can be hard to give them the best advice. In this ebook, you can find tips and activities from experienced careers advisors, educators and professionals on how to help your teen work out a plan that works for them.


The MyTutor Guide to Apprenticeships

If you already know what sort of career you'd like to go into, an apprenticeship might be a great option for you when you leave school. Whether you know you want to do one, or are keen to find out more, this ebook walks you through the basics of how apprenticeships work, how to work out if it's the right path for you, and how to find one you'll enjoy.

Hear from successful professionals who all started their careers with apprenticeships, as well as expert advice on how to apply and how to nail your interviews.