From 15th November - 18th November 2021

Why I chose university

15th November 2021

University can be a great next step when you finish school - whether you love studying, have a passion for a particular subject or want to skill-up for a specific career. At this free webinar for teens, three inspiring students will share their experience of uni, how they decided that it was the right move for them, and what they see themselves doing with their degrees in the long term. After a Q&A hosted by MyTutor, we'll move to the floor for questions from the audience so you can quiz them yourself.


Denise Ruprai

Denise is a Science tutor on the MyTutor platform, and she's currently studying for her PhD in Neuroscience and working as a Research Scientist at Birmingham University. Her plans have changed a few times, but her love of learning and research has ended up taking her down the path she's on.

James Easter

James is a Maths and Physics tutor with MyTutor, and he's currently in his second year studying Aerospace Engineering at Nottingham University. At school, he didn't think uni was for him as he wanted to go straight into the RAF, before he discovered that a degree could be a great learning experience, and still lead him towards his ambition to join the RAF.

Adam Robinson

Adam is a tutor on the MyTutor platform, and he's currently studying for an MA in Sociology and Social Policy at the University of Bath. When he was leaving school, he didn't know what he wanted to do for a career, but knew he enjoyed studying. When he's finished his Masters, he's excited to start out on a career in politics.

Apprenticeships: What, why & how?

16th November 2021

The world of apprenticeships is more exciting than ever. And for lots of school leavers, it's the best path for them (and a kickstart to their career). Whether you know an apprenticeship's for you and you want to find out more, or you don't know what they're about and want to know, this free webinar for teens will dispel myths, help you work out if it's the right path for you and tell you about what it's like.


Karishma Pathak

Karishma is currently doing an apprenticeship as a Civil Engineering Technician via Ringway jobs.

Joe Sharman

Joe is an Executive in apprenticeship provider Multiverse's Early Talent Team. In his role, he helps employers find the top talent for their apprenticeships and helps their candidates make the most of every opportunity, developing their professional skill sets. Before Multiverse, he was a Recruitment and Programme Lead for the National Careers Service.

Gabriella Thomas

Gabriella is currently a Business Development Apprentice at Publicis Media via Multiverse

How to apply for apprenticeships

17th November
5:00 - 6:00pm

Navigating apprenticeship applications is tricky to say the least. With different opportunities opening and closing for applications at completely different times of the year, it's easy to miss the boat on some of the best programmes available for you. Not to mention that standing out amongst the many candidates also takes a lot of attention to detail. Join us as we dive in to how to create the best apprenticeship application action plan, including key dates and what to include to stand out from the competition.


Hamish Munro, Google

Hamish has worked in the apprenticeship space for the past 5 years and gained entry through his passion for helping young people. Hamish has recruited and managed programmes for names such as Civica and Sky, with his specialism in Apprenticeships in STEM.

Preparing for University: Advice for parents and students

17th November

Get 5 top tips for preparing for university with KirstyWilkinson of Nottingham Trent University across all the key areas, including student finance, accommodation, student services and adjusting to the different teaching styles. Building understanding in these key areas is crucial to settling in and succeeding at university, which is why this talk is great for both parents and students to attend.


Kirsty Wilkinson, Nottingham Trent University

Kirsty has recently joined NTU where she leads on the development of initiatives that are designed to support students, particularly those from underrepresented groups, to advance into Higher Education and succeed with their academic studies. With a background in student recruitment, Kirsty has previously worked at both Loughborough and De Montfort Universities as part of their School and College Liaison teams. Her interests mainly lie in widening participation work and developing activities to support the delivery of advice and guidance to students and parents.

How to apply for university

18th November 2021

Get the advice you won't get in school, in this complete guide to applications for University. We'll walk you through the best times to apply, writing a knock out personal statement and guidance on suitable references. Not to mention shedding light on what activities and work experience you can do to stand out and improve your chances of getting into your first choice course and university. Finally we'll cover the best things to do after you apply to stay productive.


Shelley Knowles, Jesus College, Oxford

After returning to education in 2012, Shelley took her undergraduate degree as a mature student at the University of Bath. As a non-traditional student from a disadvantaged background, she has developed an intrinsic enthusiasm for encouraging underrepresented and non-traditional groups to consider university. Shelley joined Jesus College, Oxford to help develop the access and admissions work, which includes working with schools, charities and various education organisations to promote access to Higher Education.

Getting Career Ready - how can your child have a good career? 

18th November 2021

Get to know Springpod with our Schools and College Lead, Jo Bishop. You'll be in good hands here, learning from a careers advisor with over 20 years of experience. Get a full understanding of how to leverage Springpod’s online platform and free programmes to impress universities and employers.


Jo Bishop

With over 20 years of experience as a careers adviser, Jo has supported thousands of students in making their transition from college to university, apprenticeships and work. She has created careers education programmes which allow students the opportunity to develop the knowledge and skills to make informed decisions about their next steps. Her focus has always been to create meaningful experiences for students which both inform and strengthen applications to university and apprenticeships.  

How I picked my career

18th November 2021

When you're at school, picking the subjects you want to study can be hard enough - let alone picking your career! The good news is that you don't have to decide right away, but hearing the experiences of people a few years ahead of you can help you work the right career for you. In this free webinar for teens, three super-inspiring young professionals will talk about how they came to pick the career that they've gone into - from Engineering to Environmental Education to creative freelancing. We'll start with a Q&A from MyTutor, before switching to questions from the audience.


Ebony Shire

Ebony was a Maths tutor on the MyTutor platform throughout her uni degree, and she's recently started work as a Biotechnology Engineer at BIOHM. She graduated with a degree in Biomedical Sciences from Sheffield University in 2019, and she completed her MSc in Biological and Bioprocess Engineering this year before starting her graduate job.

Sophie Lau

Sophie is a Modern Languages tutor on the MyTutor platform, and she is currently working as a freelance journalist and translator. She recently graduated with a MA in French, Russian and Spanish from St Andrews University.

Lydia Cave

Lydia is a Science tutor with MyTutor, and she recently graduated with a MA in Zoology from St Andrews University. She chose her degree out of a love for the subject and a wish to learn more, not knowing then what she wanted to do for a career. She's recently started out on a career in Environmental Education, and she's currently working as a Visitor Experience Office.